Deeplounge is all about the music. I have always been into house, since the days of Chicago house back in the early eighties. As well as house, soul and funk have been a big part of my life as well. As the years have gone by, I have found a real appreciation for deep house music……a blend of all the sounds, rhythms, riffs and vocals that I truly love.

Streaming 24/7, Deeplounge brings you some of the finest deep house mixes from across the globe, working hard to find DJ’s and music that bring a real sense of listening pleasure.

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  • guest_4190 : Thanks Mark great music buddy keep it coming.
  • Mark : Thanks Peter. Appreciate the message 🙂
  • guest_2283 : Hey! I love this channel and I wish you all the luck keeping it running. Like you, I've been into house since the early days, and now I'm leaning towards the Deep, Soulful, Funky, Minimal sometimes a little Jazzy House. As a DJ I have the chance to share my music and if you find anything you like, or you want an exclusive, send a message on FB. I'm on several online mix sites including Youtube, House-mixes and MixCloude.
  • Mark : Welcome to deeplounge chat! Please feel free to leave a message here 🙂